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Letter openers & paper folders

Letter Openers and Paper Folders

Whether you work at a large corporation or you just want to streamline your processes, Sam's Club® can help. Our selection of letter openers and paper folders will help you speed up mail processes and increase efficiency.

Letter Openers

Manual letter openers, like those from Universal, feature a blade that slips under the flap of the envelope. Simply slide it along the edge to open mail. Manual letter openers come in various colors and designs, making it easy to match them to the area, company logo or the user's personality.

Electric Letter Openers

Battery and electric letter openers open correspondence quickly. Some are handheld and only require the user to push them down the envelopes. Others handle stacks of mail at a time, letting you drop in the envelopes, push a button and remove your opened mail in just a few minutes or less. These letter openers feature specially designed blades that cut through the envelopes without damaging the papers inside during the process.

Paper Folders

From monthly mailers to invoices and other business paperwork, folding all those sheets of paper can take quite a while. Paper folders ensure each page is folded perfectly and ready to go into your envelopes. The entire process is automatic, quickly folding hundreds of sheets at a time.

Automatic paper folders create precise folds, providing a professional look with each page. Consider light-duty models for smaller locations, or opt for options that can fold up to 10,000 or more sheets per hour for large, busy companies. Add a paper jogger to your mailroom and make sure pages don't have static buildup that can make them stick together during processing.

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