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Leather furniture

Leather Furniture

Sam’s Club® carries a range of leather furniture in both classic and modern designs that bring a level of comfort and charm to your living room. From single pieces to multi-piece sets, there is a wide selection to choose from.

Types of Leather Furniture

A leather recliner makes a great addition to the living room, as it can easily stand alone as a comfortable piece. It allows you to elevate your feet and lie back with just a pull of a lever or, in the case of power-recline pieces, the touch of a button.

Leather sofas offer plush comfort and a timeless appearance that is sure to suit any home. To match your taste, the sofas at Sam's Club feature fine-grain leather, tufted details, hardware accents and scrolled or squared arm pieces. There are also sectional pieces that can fit into the corner of your living room, providing a unique seating option.

Leather chairs that do not recline have a similarly soft feel and provide excellent support, with some including a matching leather ottoman footrest.

Shopping For Leather Furniture

When you set out to buy leather furniture at Sam’s Club, there are some things to keep in mind. iIf you are looking for multiple-piece sets to redo your living room with comfort and elegance, be sure to look at the leather furniture sets, which typically offer great value.

You may be interested in a certain color of leather for your living room. The most common colors of leather furniture pieces include black, espresso and burgundy. Settling on a color in advance can help you narrow down the amount of pieces to look at. Also check out the Luxury of Leather Buying Guide for further details about buying the right leather furniture for your home.

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