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Leaf blowers

The right type of power blower for you will depend on a few factors, including:

1. The size of your garden

2. The type of debris you want to clear

3. What type of power you want the leaf blower to run on

  • If you have a small sized garden and need a power blower to clear the light leaf litter, then you can consider buying a small leaf blower, such as a corded electric leaf blower. If you have a garden which is quite extensive, then consider investing in a portable gas leaf blower.
  • The right power blower for your garden will depend on the type of debris you want to remove including the amount of leaves, pine cones, pine needles, and other garden litter you need to clear. If the amount of debris is light, then a handheld and cordless leaf blower is enough to get the job done. For a heavier pile of debris, look for a leaf blower which provides more power.
  • Typically, there are three ways a leaf blower can be powered. This includes handheld, electric, and gas. A handheld leaf blower runs on battery, is lightweight, and can be easily used around your garden, but offers less power. An electric leaf blower needs little maintenance and can perform well, but the cord may be obstructive and dangerous if not taken care of properly. A gas leaf blower is heavier that the other two models, and noisier, but it offers portability and more power.

If you need a power blower that mulches debris as well, then be sure to look for models which offer this feature. This type of power blower is a combination type of unit which can not only be used as a blower, but can also be used to vacuum and mulch the debris, thus decreasing the volume of waste generated by your garden.

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