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Laundry bundles

Laundry Bundles

Laundry bundles combine all the tools you need for managing laundry tasks. Sam's Club® carries simple washer and dryer combos, along with complete systems that include SideKick pedestals that provide additional space for washing smaller loads at the same time. There are also other laundry appliances available that help you create a laundry room that makes washing and drying easier.

Choosing the Right Laundry Bundle

Laundry bundles that include a stackable washer and dryer are ideal for smaller spaces. These machines take advantage of vertical space, helping you maximize the available floor space. Top-load washer and dryer sets handle larger loads and bulky items. Consider mega-capacity, high-end washer and dryer sets for tackling all types of laundry, including large blankets and towels.

Laundry Bundles With Pedestals

Some washer and dryer combos include pedestals that sit under them. These pedestals raise the machines 12 to 16 inches, providing easier access. The drawers hold dryer sheets, soap and other laundry essentials, which reduces clutter in the room. Some LG washer and dryer combos include a SideKick pedestal, which lets you wash lingerie, workout gear and other delicate items in small loads while running large loads in the washing machine.

Laundry Bundle Hookups

Washer and dryer sets are available with gas and electric hookups. A gas washer and dryer requires natural gas hookups for operation, but do lessen the amount of electricity used when doing laundry. Electric laundry bundles work in most homes, as long as there is a suitable outlet designed for use with the dryer. In most cases, most of the major appliances in the home will use either gas or electric, which can help you choose the right option for your needs.

Whether you're looking for laundry bundles that maximize space or improve efficiency, Sam's Club has a wide selection that includes options that work for your space.

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