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Laundry accessories

Laundry Accessories

Laundry accessories help you maintain a clean and organized area for washing and drying clothes. Sam's Club® carries a variety of laundry appliances and compatible accessories that streamline the laundering process and improve efficiency.

Laundry Pedestals

Laundry pedestals are drawers or risers that let you stack the washer and dryer on top. Models with drawers have enough space for storing detergents, bleach, dryer sheets and other essentials, providing easy access and reducing clutter throughout the laundry room. Washer and dryer pedestals add between 12 and 16 inches of height to the machines, reducing kneeling and bending when accessing front-loading models.

There are laundry pedestals that replace the drawer with an additional washer that handles smaller loads. Washer pedestals allow you to wash delicates, workout gear and lingerie separately and in small loads at the same time as you are doing a load in a larger washing machine. These types of pedestals maximize efficiency by letting you do multiple loads at a time.

Choosing Laundry Accessories

Some laundry accessories work with specific types of washers and dryers. Drain pans contain any liquid that overflows from the washer, protecting flooring and preventing leaks. Some appliances can be equipped with portability kits that let you add wheels for easier mobility. Portability kits are an ideal option when using small, compact machines that you can hide in a closet when not in use.

All clothes dryers require proper venting inside and outside of the home. Vent kits come with varying hose lengths that you can cut to the appropriate size for quick, easy installation. Some kits also include cowls, which are the outer portion of the vent, with chrome plating, ensuring that the appearance adds a pleasant touch to the exterior of your home.

Sam's Club offers a variety of laundry accessories that help you improve the flow and efficiency of your laundry room. The home collection also provides many items that match the available washers and dryers, helping you create a cohesive look throughout your home or apartment.

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