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Ladders & stepstools

Ladders and Stepstools

From changing light bulbs to cleaning out the gutters, ladders and stepstools are an important part of everyday life. Sam's Club® carries different types of step stools and multi-function ladders that help you reach high locations.

Step Stools

There are different types of step stools that help you tackle a variety of tasks. Single-step stools feature solid construction that creates a raised platform for situations that require only a bit more height. These types of stools work well for helping to reach sinks and other areas in the home. Two- and three-step stools are an ideal solution for reaching higher locations.


Ladders provide the additional height you need for reaching gutters, ceilings, walls and other areas. There are different ladders that are suited for specific jobs and heights. Step ladders range from 4 feet to 16 feet tall. These folding ladders provide secure footing when working in hard-to-reach locations.

Multi-function or articulated ladders feature multiple segments that are connected by lockable joints. These ladders extend to various heights, or you can take the sections apart and reposition them for use as a scaffolding, step ladder or as sawhorses. Articulated ladders like the Little Giant systems are an ideal option for working on stairs and other uneven surfaces.

Stepstool and Ladder Features

Both ladders and step stools come with various features that add safety. Slip-resistant steps feature grip tapes, texture or rubber that helps prevent falls. Flared bases create a wider footprint for improved stability. Ladders with telescoping features let you adjust specific sections, then retract them for simple storage. All step stool designs come in options that fold up, making them portable and easy to store in a closet or corner.

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