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Kids’ Storage Furniture

Sam’s Club® carries a wide selection of kids’ storage furniture to help you and your children keep their toys, books and other items organized. This type of furniture comes in a variety of styles and sizes so you can find the storage unit that is right for you and your child's needs, whether it's playroom storage, a bookcase or a simple box.

Types of Kids’ Storage Furniture

Multiple-drawer Drew bedroom chests are sophisticated pieces that are designed to last for years. Available in four- and five-drawer options, these chests feature antique hardware, a patina finish and cedar drawer panels for a look that will blend into most any bedroom. The drawers are large enough to hold many items, such as clothing, toys and electronics.

Bookshelves by Serta are shaped to look like a home, complete with picket fence and different “stories” that are used for shelving and a bottom cubby bin. This imaginative bookcase is great for toddlers who have stuffed animals, toys and their very first books to store.

Storage bins and cabinets from ECR4Kids are a great source of organization for daycares and elementary schools, since they offer multiple tiers and slots to hold individual cubby bins for many children.

Selecting Kids’ Storage Furniture

At Sam’s Club, we want to make sure you find the best kids’ storage furniture for your specific needs. If you run a daycare or work at an elementary school, for example, storage bins and lockers from ECR4Kids could be the right choice because they're meant to help keep items from multiple children stored and organized.

If you're a parent who wants to keep your kids’ bedroom neat and tidy, consider bookcases and kid's toy storage chests. These can help teach your children about organization and help instill pride in keeping their living spaces tidy.

With these ideas in mind, using Sam's Club to help find the right kids’ storage should be a breeze.

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