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Kids' mattresses

Kids’ Mattresses

Sam’s Club® carries a range of kids’ mattresses that are colorful and comfortable, sure to catch your child’s eye and make him or her look forward to nap time. These children's mattresses are designed for kids only and are easily portable.

Types of Kids’ Mattresses

At Sam’s Club, we have kids’ mattresses manufactured by ECR4Kids, a company that specializes in furniture for children. The stackable unassembled kiddie cot, for example, comes in a pack of six and makes a great addition to daycare centers and homes with multiple children. These cots are made with 16-gauge powder-coated steel poles to support the child’s weight and sturdy plastic corners that allow for easy stacking when not in use. The washable fabric stretches tightly to the corner and can be spot-cleaned with ease.

ECR4Kids makes a similar cot that comes with its own sheet so it's ready to use with just a pillow and comforter or blanket. These cots also come in a pack of six, stack easily and are ready to assemble.

Besides cots, we also carry rest mats such as the ECR4Kids Rainbow Rest Mats. These strong yet comfortable mats are made with a 2-inch furniture-density foam core and a waterproof vinyl cover, making them easy to spot clean. They come in a 5-pack of multicolored mats, and they're easy to stack and store when not in use.

Choosing a Kids’ Mattress

These ECR4Kids mattresses are popular with daycare centers and elementary schools, but can just as easily be useful in homes with multiple children. If you're a daycare provider, the cots are convenient because they stack on top of each other, come in a multi-pack and are easy to clean.

A simpler option is rest mats, which are comfortable for children, particularly for sitting on when it is story time or when they're interacting with electronic devices. They come in handy for naps as well.

Whether you need multiple child mattresses for a business or family, or just a single bed for one child, it's easy to find the right sleeping surface for your kid at Sam's Club.

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