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Key cabinets & keytags

Key Cabinets and Key Tags

Whether your employees use company vehicles or there are restricted areas inside your facility, key cabinets are an extremely convenient way to keep track of keys. Sam's Club® carries a variety of key cabinets and tags from popular brands like MMF Industries and Durable that help you maintain security and keep track of keys throughout your business.

Key Tags

Properly labeling the keys used throughout your office saves time and ensures every employee knows which key to use for specific areas and vehicles. Key tags are available in cost-effective paper designs that are ideal for labeling keys that aren't used frequently. For company vehicles and restricted areas, plastic or metal key tags with hooks provide a long-lasting solution that withstands daily, frequent use. These key tags include digits for identification, providing a quick and easy way to assign specific numbers for various uses. Numbered labels will also help your business keep track of missing keys along with who used them to cut down on replacement costs.

Key Cabinets

Key cabinets are a simple way to keep door and vehicle keys organized. Locking key cabinets provide an added layer of security when closing down for the day while also making sure that only authorized individuals have access. Models that hold up to 28 keys are ideal for smaller locations. For large corporations, car lots and fleet companies, key cabinets that hold up to 60 keys provide plenty of space.

Drop Boxes

Whether you have clients and employees who drop off company vehicles after hours or you want a way for workers to provide suggestions, drop boxes are a simple-to-use option. Drop boxes feature a slot in the top or front that accepts folded sheets of paper or a key. The boxes lock, ensuring the contents remain safe when unattended. All clients and employees have to do is drop the suggestion or key into the box, where it will remain until it is unlocked.

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