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K-cups & single serve coffee

Single Serve Coffee Pods & K-Cup Coffee

Coffee lovers know that there's nothing like waking up to a delicious, warm beverage first thing in the morning. And, there are so many ways to enjoy your number one brew. French press is a fast and fun way to make coffee. Regular drip coffee makers are especially great if you want to make a large quantity of coffee and keep it hot so that people can enjoy it at different times throughout the morning. But what if you just need to make one cup of coffee at a time? Enter K-Cups®, also known as Keurig® Cups.

K-Cup Coffee Pods

What is a K-Cup? The K-Cup is an individual coffee pod that's used to make single serve coffee. There are lots of different types of bulk K-Cups available at Sam's Club®. The K-Cup was introduced in the late 1990s by the Keurig company. The original intent of the company was to market the Keurig pods—and the special brewers that go along with them—to people who worked in offices. K-Cup coffee makes a lot of sense in an office environment because it's so easy to make. Also, there's nearly no cleanup and each person can make coffee when they want it, so there's no need to keep a big pot of coffee hot all day, and wonder whether it's fresh or not. But the popularity of this brewing system went well beyond offices. The convenience of K-Cup coffee has made it extremely popular in people's homes and in hotels and vacation rentals as well.

K-Cup Tea & Cocoa

In addition to coffee K-Cups, you can also find many other hot beverages in single serving pods. Choose from a wide variety of tea flavors as well as cocoa. No matter which beverage you choose, you can just pop the K-Cup into the machine, press the button and your hot drink will be ready in less than a minute! And while you're shopping for your new favorite type of K-Cup, check out the selection of creamers and flavored syrups at Sam's Club.

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