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iPhone SE

Communicate on the fly with the iPhone SE. Launched as an alternative to other Apple models, the iPhone SE handset marries a sleek, compact design with an advanced A9 processor and Apple’s intuitive iOS interface. It’s the ideal pick if you’re looking for a lightweight, portable device. Sam’s Club® offers a tidy selection of smartphones, including new iPhone SE models in a variety of sizes and colors.

Why Choose an iPhone SE?

If you find the iPhone 7 Plus too large or you enjoy the convenience of on-the-fly one-handed typing, then the iPhone SE is a good fit. Despite being a smaller model than the iPhone 7, it still packs an impressive punch with a 12-mega pixel camera, 4K video support and a vibrant display.

Another upside to choosing the Apple iPhone SE is its power efficiency. Because it packs a smaller display, it lasts longer than the iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 7, making it one of the most power-efficient models in the iPhone lineup.

Choose the Right iPhone SE Model

Buyers looking to purchase an iPhone SE will need to decide on two major features: storage size and color. Following an Apple upgrade, the iPhone SE comes with 32GB and 128GB of storage. However, early release models initially came with a capacity of 16GB and 64GB. Apple also offers the iPhone SE in four color options, including space gray, silver, rose gold and gold.

iPhone SE Features

The iPhone SE is more than just a calling device. It’s an incredibly versatile mobile device. It gives users access to Apple’s App Store, which comes with over two million apps. It also syncs with Apple’s iTunes so owners can backup or transfer their favorite music library and enjoy it on the go. Small enough to fit into a pocket or bag, the iPhone SE comes with a built-in battery rated with a standby time of up to 10 days. Whether you’re looking to buy a new iPhone SE or you simply wish to compare the iPhone SE price of different models, Sam’s Club is a great place to start. You can streamline your searching using the intuitive search tool available on each page. Sam’s Club also offers other iPhone models, such as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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