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ipad accessories

iPad Accessories

The Apple iPad is an amazingly versatile mobile device. Pair it with the right accessories and it can be so much more. Maybe you need a rugged tablet case for your camping trip, or you’re hunting for a flexible car stand that allows you to use your tablet on the go. Whatever your needs, at Sam’s Club® you’ll find a wide variety of Apple iPad accessories in a fun assortment of colors, designed to enhance your user experience.

Cases and Covers

In a perfect world, every iPad would have a case or cover. They provide an easy way of protecting your tablet from dirt and stains. Some of the cases at Sam’s Club offer even more features. You’ll find cases that come with a built-in keyboard, so you can type with your tablet as you would on a notebook. They’re an ideal option for students or business professionals who frequently rely on their tablets for taking notes or sending emails. You’ll also find iPad protective cases that offer “armor-class protection”—strong enough to shield your device from short falls and light raps.

Stylus and Wi-Fi Peripherals

One of the strengths of the iPad is its support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. This means that the tablet can be paired to an incredible number of devices. You can link your iPad to Bluetooth-enabled Apple iPad accessories like speakers, hands-free units, headphones, a mouse or even a car stereo.

High on the list of must-have iPad Pro accessories is the Apple Pencil. If you’re a graphic artist or have a creative streak, you’ll want to consider getting one. The Apple Pencil is a digital stylus pen that is designed to work with the iPad Pro. Owners can use it to write, sketch and even shade, with pixel-perfect precision.

Chargers and Storage Devices

It never hurts to own a backup charger. You never know when you might need one. Having an extra charger also gives you some degree of flexibility. You can leave a charger at home and carry one in your bag, or save one in your drawer at work. Whatever you decide, Sam’s Club has you covered. You'll find a wide selection of iPad and iPad mini accessories, including cases, wireless keyboards and screen protectors.