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Tech savings

Technology and Gadgets

Bring the latest gadgets and gizmos into your life. Sam's Club® carries a variety of new innovations for use in your home or office. You’ll enjoy these products at our special members-only prices. Buy them for yourself or as a cool gift for a birthday, work anniversary or holiday. We carry everything from computers to home security systems.

Computer Technology

Both homes and businesses rely upon computers for everything from recordkeeping to streaming movies. Search our wide selection of personal computers, laptops, notebooks and tablets to find the perfect match for you. You’ll also find computer accessories such as monitors, chargers and speakers here at Sam’s Club.

Printing Equipment

Whether looking for a printer for the office or home, we offer a wide assortment of inkjet and laser printers. There are also systems designed specifically for photos along with all-in-one printers that are able to print, scan, copy and fax. Don’t worry about a bunch of cables when you can buy a wireless printer that will print from all of your devices, including your computer, laptop and smartphone. When you purchase your printer, don’t forget to stock up on ink cartridges, toner or refillable ink for your ink tank.

Electronic Gadgets for the Home or Office

Sam’s Club always keeps up on the newest innovations to share with our members. Peruse through our latest collection of kitchen appliances, tools and devices such as robotic vacuums, remote thermostats, media players and security systems to make your home or office more comfortable, healthy, safe and possibly even smarter.

Whether you are a tech-geek or someone who simply uses gadgets to make your life easier, we have just the right products for you to help make life easier and better. Shop with us now to ensure you are always on the cutting-edge of technology.

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