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Inkjet printers

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers handle a wide variety of printing needs. Whether you're printing documents and spreadsheets, or creating colorful brochures and charts, Sam's Club® has inkjet printers that meet the needs of home and business users.

About Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers create sharp, crisp lines using liquid ink. The ink is sprayed through nozzles that make microscopic dots, helping transfer color and black inks uniformly on a sheet of paper. This method of printing results in bright, vivid colors and graduations that make images and graphics stand out. There are also black and white inkjet printers that provide clear text and deep blacks, ensuring each page has a professional look.

All-in-One Inkjet Printers

All-in-one inkjet printers combine scanning, printing, copying and faxing into a single device. These multifunction printers are an ideal solution for any office or home that needs to maximize space. Multifunction printers from Epson, Brother and other major manufacturers provide the same speed and print quality as single-function devices, helping to increase productivity. These inkjet printers are typically Wi-Fi enabled, allowing multiple devices to connect without relying on cords throughout the office. There are also apps available on some models that let users print from mobile devices, even when they're not nearby.

Photo Inkjet Printers

If you print pictures frequently, a photo inkjet printer will provide you with everything you need to create professional-quality prints. These printers use bold inks that create true-to-life colors, making every image appear crisp and professional. Whether printing photos for friends and family or capturing important moments throughout the company, an inkjet photo printer lets you print them all immediately, without sacrificing color saturation.

No matter what you want to print, the selection of inkjet printers at Sam's Club ensures an option that meets your needs, produces high-quality results and fits within your budget.

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