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Industrial heaters

Industrial Heaters

Upgrading your heating or furnace system can be costly. Before you make that investment, consider one of our industrial heaters to keep you warm. We offer numerous designs for shops, garages or construction sites where insulation is poor or central heating is not feasible. With a wide selection of portable industrial heaters including kerosene, radiant and electric heaters, Sam’s Club® carries numerous top-rated brands that are both energy-efficient and economical.

Propane Heaters

Heat your home or workshop with a propane heater. Choose from different designs including garage, backyard or construction site heaters. Requiring no electricity, they are convenient to use. Simply connect them to a propane tank for easy operation.

Natural Gas and Kerosene Heaters

Kerosene and gas heaters are a great backup source when there is a power outage. Suitable for use in industrial or residential environments, they are also ideal for supplementing poor heating systems or providing warmth when there is no heat source.

Convection and Radiant Heaters

Sam’s Club also carries both convection and radiant heaters. Although they operate differently in how they provide heat (one using air circulation and the other heating objects directly), they are efficient options for both indoor and outdoor use. They supply heat using kerosene, propane or oil. Offering instant warmth, this heating appliance is quiet and dependable.

Forced-Air Heaters

Forced-air heaters use kerosene, propane or natural gas to run. Able to produce heat fast no matter the temperature outdoors, they are a great option for large, open spaces such as barns, warehouses or construction sites.

Shop our wide selection of safe and energy-efficient industrial heaters to find just the right one. Be sure to check the square footage it will heat before making your choice. Purchase one today at our members-only prices.

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