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Bulk Ice & Ice Bags

Keep your food and drinks at optimal temperatures with bulk ice from Sam's Club®. There are many convenient uses for bags of ice, and it's always handy to keep a few in your freezer, so be sure to stock up the next time you're shopping in the Club. Or, to save time, you can include a bag of ice in your next online order and then arrange for free Club Pickup. This way, you can shop for everything you need online, pick the time that best fits into your busy schedule and pick up your order at the Club. It's a quick solution because you can pay with a credit card online and then you won't need to stop at the register. Plus, when you're buying ice, the faster you can get your order, the better!

Bags for Ice

In addition to the ice bags for sale, you may also opt to fill your own ice bags, which are available at Sam's Club. This is especially useful if you have a business with a commercial ice maker. You can simply use a sturdy ice scoop and put up to 10 lbs. of ice into each ice bag, and then use the plastic twist tie to close each bag. Once your ice bags are assembled, they are easy to store in a freezer, distribute for use in a bar or restaurant or sell individually.

Bags of Ice for Coolers

Next time you're entertaining, use coolers with bags of ice to keep your food and drinks cold. This way, guests won't have to search through your refrigerator and freezer for the items they're looking for. Simply label the coolers (one for beer, one for clean ice, one for soda and other non-alcoholic drinks, etc.), then tie a bottle opener to one of the coolers so it doesn't get misplaced, and let your guests help themselves. Add a bin for trash and a bin for recycling, and you're all set. The cooler system will also reduce the traffic through your kitchen.

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