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Dehumidifiers & humidifiers

Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers

When moisture levels are too low, your home can be dry, which can lead to respiratory complications. A too-humid room can cause the overgrowth of mold and mildew, resulting in breathing difficulties and even property damage. Correct these problems and improve the comfort in your home with a humidifier or dehumidifier from Sam’s Club®.


Get excess moisture out of the air with a dehumidifier. Along with causing discomfort and even health issues, high levels of moisture in your room or home will create a foul odor and can potentially result in damage to your electronics and other property. When shopping for a dehumidifier, be sure to find the right one for the size of your space. Also, determine what type of machine you want. Dehumidifiers may have a pull-out tank that you are required to empty manually. If you don’t want that chore, choose one that is equipped with a built-in pump and hose that hook to an external drain.


Most often needed in dry and cold climates, humidifiers will add moisture to your home. Ideal for allergy sufferers, they come in small, tabletop styles for bedrooms. Sam’s Club also carries console-style and floor models for medium to large rooms. Whole house humidifiers that connect to your air ducts are also available. Choose from cool mist or warm steam machines.

Air Purifiers

Allergies are often caused by dust mites and other airborne particles such as pollen and pet dander. Get rid of these problems by cleaning the air in your room with an air purifier. These products will also remove odors from your home or office. To keep them operating smoothly, be sure to change your filters often.

Sam’s Club carries a number of top-rated dehumidifiers, humidifiers and purifiers that will improve the air quality and make your home more comfortable to live in. All of these small appliances are energy efficient and offer quiet operation. You’ll receive tremendous savings by buying these items at our members-only prices.

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