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Choosing and Using a Hedge Trimmer

Hedge trimmers are powered in three ways: electrical, gas, and battery. Each of the trimmers has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Electrical Hedge Trimmers: are lighter in weight and can be used continuously and immediately. However, as this type of hedge trimmer is corded, it cannot be used if the hedge is far from a power source or if it’s raining. The cord can also be obstructive and dangerous.
  • Gas Hedge Trimmer: This type of trimmer can be used anywhere as it’s cordless. Although they don’t need to be recharged, you need to ensure you have a ready supply of gas. They’re also heavier to use, smoky, and noisy, and are awkward to use when working from atop a ladder.
  • Rechargeable Hedge Trimmer: This type of hedge trimmer strikes a great balance between an electrical hedge trimmer and gas hedge trimmer; in that, this type of trimmer is convenient to use, and can be used anywhere, as it is not restricted by a cord. They also offer low noise levels. However, they’re less powerful than gas models, and you need to ensure that the batteries are charged for at least five to seven hours to provide you with just thirty minutes of use.

Regardless of the type of hedge trimmer you choose from Sam’s Club, you should keep a few safety measures in mind. This includes:

  • Wearing protective gear such as safety goggles, heavy duty boots, and gloves
  • Inspecting the hedge prior trimming to ensure there are no birds and other wildlife, and keeping people and animals away from the area you’re working in
  • Use both hands on the handle of the trimmer to operate it correctly
  • Keep the cable of the electrical trimmer away from the cutting direction

Once the hedges have been trimmed to your satisfaction, water and mulch the plants to keep them in good condition.

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