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Health care

Pet Care

Keep your furry friend happy and healthy with the right supplies. Just like you, dogs require exercise, a good diet and regular visits to the doctor to keep them looking and feeling their best. Sam’s Club® offers a variety of dog chews and other dog health care items designed to meet your pet’s specific needs.

Health Care Supplies

Supplements and healthy dog treats are a great way of boosting your canine’s diet, but it is always good to discuss your options with a skilled vet before making a decision. This way, you get to choose a supplement that is the right fit for your dog health care needs. Supplements offer different benefits. At Sam’s Club, some of our health care items are designed to boost your pet’s immune system while others help with vision. You'll also find organic dog treats that assist in strengthening bones.

Another important thing to consider when buying a supplement is how it is administered. At Sam’s Club, you’ll find pet supplements designed to be mixed with food, water or natural dog chews. If your pet is a fussy eater, mixing the supplements with a meal may be a smarter choice.

Deworming Pets

Worms are a common problem with dogs. Fortunately, dewormers provide an easy treatment option. Don’t just pick any product. When shopping for a dewormer, follow your vet’s recommendation to get the best treatment based on the type of worm your pet has. You’ll find dewormers for everything from hookworms to roundworms. Pay attention to the worming schedule and the dosage prescribed for each age. Regardless of what you decide, vets advise that owners always check the ingredients of the healthcare products they buy before administering them to their pets. Some supplements are made of all-natural ingredients, while others may contain synthetic compounds. Avoid dog treats or products that contain ingredients that your pet is sensitive to. Sam's Club offers a wide variety of healthy dog treats made by some of the top brands including Merck, Alaska Naturals and Barleans.

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