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Hand dryers

Hand Dryers

In 1948, George Clemens did the world a big favor—he invented the electric hand dryer and changed restrooms for the better. Electric hand dryers aren’t just a quick and convenient way of drying your hands. They’re also a great way of cutting down on the volume of paper towels you use. Disposable towels are expensive and require regular replacements. They also create a lot of waste. At Sam’s Club® you’ll find a wide collection of options, ranging from small models that take up to 30 seconds to dry hands to high-speed models that take half the time from popular brands like World Dryer and Xlerator.

Automatic Hand Dryers

Most of the electric hand dryers at Sam’s Club come with automatic, touch-free controls, which help reduce the risk of cross contamination. They feature a built-in sensor that automatically launches the dryer whenever a person’s hands are placed under the vent. Automatic hand dryers are a popular choice because they’re convenient and use a lot less energy. They’re also more sanitary because they don't require that users touch the dryer, which might lead to the transfer of germs.

High-Speed Commercial Hand Dryers

If you’re looking for an effective way of cutting down the amount of time people spend drying their hands, then a high-speed dryer is the way to go. These commercial hand dryers are typically designed to completely dry a user’s hands in less than 15 seconds. This makes them a good choice for offices or commercial establishments with a lot of traffic.

Hand Dryer Designs

Hand dryers come in different designs and an appealing range of features. Some of the hand dryers at Sam’s Club are finished in aluminum while others are made of stainless steel and other materials. You’ll also find models designed for a surface-mount installation and recessed. Whatever your needs, you're in the right place. Sam's Club is home to a wide assortment of restroom supplies and fixtures.

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