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About Dubble Bubble

Walter Deimer first invented the Dubble Bubble bubblegum in 1928 when he was working as an accountant at the Fleer Corporation, a company which was a world leader in baseball cards and chicle tab chewing gum at that time. Dubble Bubble was recognized the world over by its iconic red oval with the blue crown on top, and is the #1 brand leader in chunk bubble gum and gumballs.

The Concord Division of TRI sales now owns Dubble Bubble, and continues to manufacture all of Dubble Bubble’s extensive range of bubblegum, chewing gum, and candy products. Concord also invented the first sour gumball under the Crybaby brand, which soon became a favorite along with its Crybaby candy products as well. Apart from Dubble Bubble and Crybaby, some of the other iconic brands of Concord include Razzles, Nik L Nip, Tootsie Tarts, Wack O Wax, Gold Rocks, El Bubble, Bleeps and Kaboom, and Candy Blox.

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