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Gumball machines

The appeal of vending machines

Did you know you could own your very own vending machine? Candy machines are common at grocery stores, malls, and play lands, yet you can host one in your very own home! Read the following information regarding your gumball machine purchase.

  • Many people covet candy machines because they are novelty items. Whether they like the idea of implementing them into the ambiance of their home or they bring back fond memories of childhood, many people desire owning vending machines for their home. It is a nice addition to a home’s décor and can provide snacks to your family and visitors.
  • Many people have made profitable small businesses out of owning vending machines. Conveniently placing gumball machines in locations where people have immediate change can greatly increase your own income.
  • Businesses often purchase several vending machines to place in their lobbies or kitchens for visitors and in-house employees. Many people enjoy gumballs and candy and appreciate the convenience of having vending machines within close quarters.
  • As referenced above, many people consider candy machines as novelty items. A portion of the population collects these machines. Like doll collectors, vending machine collectors acquire machines of varying shapes and models.

Candy Machine Buying Tips

  • Candy machines are not just for candy, you can fill the vending machine with a variety of edible snacks or other, small items.
  • Take a vote at your place of business and see what kinds of things employees what like to see in the vending machines.
  • Gumball machines are great for birthday parties, work parties, or any type of gathering.
  • Try filling your gumball machine with healthy snacks such as nuts to introduce a variety to your “snackers.”
  • Create a theme throughout your business or home by purchasing several vending machines. You can fill them with a variety of items depending on the season or holiday.
  • Don’t just think of gumball machines as vending one item. Multi-vending units house a number machines connected together so you can dispense gum, candy, mints, or anything you desire all from one source!

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