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Gum & mints

Bulk Gum & Mint Candy

Nothing feels better than popping a mint or a piece of gum into your mouth after a meal. If you love the flavor of mint or the sensation of minty fresh breath, you'll be glad to know that Sam's Club offers a wide selection of mint candies and gum in bulk. From breath mints and peppermint chewing gum to bubble gum, gum balls and specialty flavors, there are options galore.

Stock Up on Mint Candy

Everyone knows that person who always has a bowl of mint candy on her desk. That's the desk of an extremely popular person! When you buy in bulk, it's easy to keep your own stash on hand. Sam's Club offers bulk mints from top brands like Mentos and Altoids. With our bulk mint selection, you'll always have the freshest breath around, along with plenty of mint candies to go around to friends, family and co-workers.

Bulk Gum and Other Snacks

Is minty gum your favorite, or perhaps you prefer fruity flavors? Whether you like sugar-free chewing gum, bubble gum or a colorful array of sweet gumballs, you'll find it at Sam's Club. Stock the pantry, the gumball machine or the break room at work, and soon, you'll notice that everyone around you has fresh breath!

Sam's has an excellent selection of other snacks, too. Grab some chips or pretzels, a package of beef jerky and a few of your favorite candy bars, too. When it comes to snacking, Sam's Club is your go-to destination!

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