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Grooming & cleanup

Grooming & Cleanup

If you own a pet, you already understand how important grooming and cleanup supplies are for both your pet and your home. Sam's Club® carries a variety of cat and dog grooming supplies, along with odor absorbers that keep pet areas smelling fresh. Make sure you check out the cat litter options for fresh-smelling formulas for added protection against smells.

Pet Grooming

Whether you have a long-haired dog or a short-haired cat, your pets can shed throughout the year. With the proper tools, you can maintain a healthy coat and help reduce unwanted hair on the surfaces in your home. Brushing your pet with a brush or comb that is appropriate for their fur helps eliminate tangles and lessens the chances of hairballs in cats.

Another important part of pet grooming is giving your dog a bath whenever his or her fur becomes dirty. After bathing and removing any mats or tangles, using a set of professional clippers provides affordable pet grooming that also keeps your pet comfortable during the warmer months.

Pet Cleanup at Home

Whether you have a puppy, kitten or older pet, accidents can happen. While the first step in cleanup is removing the urine or feces quickly, you'll also need a few supplies to remove any lingering odors. Treat urine spots with removers from Clorox or OdoBan to eliminate any smells that might attract your pet again in the future. There are also cleanup options that help clean and remove stains from soiled rugs and carpets after accidents. Solid odor absorbers placed in areas with litter boxes will also help eliminate any odors so your home smells fresh.

When it comes to keeping your home free from odors and your pets looking great, the selection of dog and cat grooming and cleanup supplies at Sam's Club makes the entire process easier.

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