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Grooming & cleanup

Grooming and Cleanup

A dog can bring joy to your life and responsibility too. Keep your canine companion healthy, clean and looking good with the pet care supplies at Sam's Club®. Whether you need dog grooming tools, flea control or pet-related cleaning products, we've got you covered.


Sam's Club provides a selection of items for in-home pet care. It can be convenient and economical to pamper your dog at home with the aid of clippers and a good shampoo. Whether your furry friend needs spiffing up on a regular basis or just a trim to stay cool in the summer, Sam's Club has the grooming tool for your needs.

Flea and Tick Removal

Flea care for dogs such as collars and topical treatments can provide relief from external parasites. Flea collars have the advantage of lasting several months (up to eight months with some brands). They can be a good choice for older puppies and adult dogs that spend most of their time outdoors. Once-monthly topical treatments also work well and can be a safe option not only for puppies and adults, but also for dogs that are pregnant or nursing. They usually come in a pack of three doses. You can find a range of popular brand collars and topical treatments for flea and tick care and prevention at Sam's Club.


Accidents happen, and it's important to have the right tools close at hand to quickly eliminate pet messes around your home. Cleanup items range from sprays that you can apply directly to urine stains on the carpet to gels that absorb odors. If you're looking for a portable spot-cleaning system complete with wet vac to provide professional results, we've got that too. Whether you’ve recently adopted a pet or you’ve been caring for one for years, consider Sam’s Club your one-stop pet shop for the items you need for cleanup and more to keep your furry companion happy and well.

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