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Grill covers

BBQ Grill Covers

It’s important to know the size of your grill so you can choose a cover that is appropriate for your specific model. Take a tape measure and log the information before shopping online. It is okay to purchase a grill cover that leaves a little extra room, but you want your cover to fit snug for the most part to keep rain and debris away from your outdoor cooker.

Why do I need a grill cover?

  • Barbeque grill covers protect your investment from outside elements. Rain and snow can affect your grill causing rust on metal surfaces and other kinds of deterioration on the non-metal pieces. Furthermore, the sun can have an adverse affect on your grill, warping the surfaces and possibly affecting its lifespan. With a barbeque cover, you will not have to worry about the ill effects of inclement weather.
  • The wind can propel dust and dirt to interfere with your grill. Covers eliminate the need for additional cleaning in between uses of the cooker. Covers can block most dirt, dust, and other foreign objects from getting into your grill.
  • Seasonal conditions can affect your resting grill. Tree sap, flower pollen, and falling leaves can all interfere with your grill’s cleanliness. Using a grill cover means you will spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying cooking for your friends and family.
  • Animals search for warm places shielded from the effects of the weather during cooler months of the year. Birds and rodents can find their way into your grill if you do not have a grill cover to keep them out. Grill covers fit snug around your grill so critters can’t find their way inside.

Grill Cover Buying Tips

  • Sports fans often enjoy tailgating outside of venues by grilling with friends before the start of the game. Sam’s Club offers a variety of college grill covers so you can show your support for your favorite teams.
  • Our grill covers come in a variety of sizes that are available depending on individual models. Many covers come in medium to double-extra-large sizes. We make it easy to find the size that is right for your grill.
  • Grills come in a variety of shapes. Some are tall and wide, some thin, others wide and short, etc. We carry a variety of shapes to fit any kind of outdoor grill, kettle, or cooker, so you are sure to find what you’re looking for.

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