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Commercial grill & griddles

Portable Electric & Gas Griddles

Sam’s Club carries reliable gas commercial griddles with mechanical control systems for restaurants with concerns about using automatic spark ignition. The gas restaurant griddles carried by Sam’s Club also have a green design with a flame switch that contains no mercury. With one pilot safety valve for every two burners, this great safety feature ensures the griddle will shut off the gas completely if the pilot extinguishes for any reason.

If you are looking for electric restaurant griddles, Sam’s Club has a great selection of that will ensure that you serve the best delicacies every time. With a fast startup, these are great for breakfast when a large percentage of items are prepared on a griddle. The portable electric griddle is the perfect option for caterers as it is compact for outdoor and buffet use.

Sam’s Club carries a great selection of restaurant griddles and commercial griddles. In addition, every griddle is covered by a one-year manufacturer warranty, so you get reliable equipment for your kitchen. So don’t waste another day. Get the best deals on restaurant grills at Sam’s Club, today!

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