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GPS devices are amazingly handy. They pinpoint your location on the globe while also showing a route to your destination. When shopping for your next GPS system, be it a GPS for cars or a portable GPS for other activities, there are plenty of options at Sam's Club® for you to choose from.

Screen Size

Just like smartphones and other electronics, screen size can play a big part in your decision when it comes to a GPS navigation system. You'll want to find the right balance between being able to easily read the map that's displayed and if it's the right size for your car, mount or hand while in use. Some people prefer the larger screens of GPS systems that are in-dash and others enjoy the convenience of a portable GPS with its smaller display.


Whether you’re buying a Garmin GPS, Humminbird, Magellan or another brand, a good thing to look for when it comes to features is lifelong updates. As the world around you is ever changing, you’ll want an outdoor GPS that keeps updating to the most current maps available. This gives you the easiest and safest time in getting to your destination.

Other Features to Think About

On top of wanting a GPS that updates, you might also like to consider other features.

If it's portable, what is the total battery life of the unit you are looking at? How detailed do you want the map to be that's displayed, and what is the resolution of that display? Do you want the option for the GPS device to give you directions audibly or is that not as important for you? You also might want to consider if you want the GPS system to give you real-time updates about current traffic situations.

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