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Gps & outdoor electronics

GPS and Outdoor Electronics

Enhance your fun outdoors and increase safety and awareness with one of our GPS devices. With these handy items, you can get an exact position of your location on the globe, see what is nearby and where your route will take you. Sam's Club® also carries other outdoor electronics that will help you talk to those around you, get weather alerts and power your devices via solar power.

GPS Features

In addition to GPS for cars , there are also GPS navigation systems that are meant to be carried while walking or biking. These units are especially handy if you want to know how much exercise you are getting and have an added layer of safety.

Regardless of the type of GPS you're looking at, there are a few features that are universal. You’ll want to find the balance of having a large enough screen that you can easily read, and a total unit size that will either fit the mount you are going to use, or a size that is comfortable enough to carry as you hike.

Another thing to keep in mind for GPS devices is looking to see how the unit handles updates. Getting a unit that has lifetime updates is essential for many customers.

A GPS device that can give real-time traffic updates is incredibly handy as well. If you’re planning a road trip, also consider one that has the option to give you audio updates and directions. Be sure to check out all of our units from brands such as Garmin and Humminbird.

Other Electronics

Outside activity isn’t just limited to driving and hiking. Check out our line of two-way radios that you can use for business or pleasure. You can also consider some of our items in weather technology that will alert you to various conditions around you.

You can shop for all of these and more at members-only prices and make your life that much easier.

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