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Gourmet foods

Fresh Meat and Poultry from Sam’s Club

Shopping for gourmet foods at Sam’s Club allows you to choose incredible cuts of meat, poultry and fish all fresh from the butcher. Order steaks, burgers and sausages ideal for casual outdoor parties and other fun-filled festivities. Sam’s Club also offers a great selection of hams for holidays or special events in addition to a vast assortment of ribs to satisfy everyone at your next barbecue.

Look no further than the Sam’s Club poultry selection overflowing with duck, hen, turkey and other delicious options. Whether you are searching for everyday chicken breasts or wings, or unique combinations such as the turkducken, you can find every item on your list with ease. In a few simple clicks, fresh choices will be at your fingertips.

Consider one of the many salmon or other fish options for your main course, appetizers or side dishes. Sam’s Club also stocks decorative containers filled with mixed nuts, pistachios or cashews to name a few assortments.

Get all of your favorite gourmet foods and dishes ready for every occasion at tremendously low prices at Sam’s Club.