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Gold rings

About Gold Rings

Rings made of gold have been coveted for thousands of years. Today, as in the past, gold rings act not only as objects of beauty but also often as symbols of friendship, devotion, and love. In fact, people from a variety of cultures and times in history have opted for rings made of gold to mark landmark occasions such as weddings, engagements, or other important events that mark the passage of life. These rings are also used as a decorative and beautiful form of jewelry that is suitable for formal occasions and everyday wear alike.

Caring for Gold Rings

Generally, gold does not tarnish because gold is one of the most non-reactive metals. This, of course, is only true of pure gold. Gold rings may tarnish slightly depending upon the purity of gold used in them. Pure gold is not often used in jewelry because it is too malleable to be durable. Particularly for gold rings, a gold alloy is the best choice of metal to product rings that maintain their shape and beauty for years to come. Though gold rings are not likely to tarnish, it’s still important to treat them with special care. Clean your rings with a specially designed solution or take them to a professional jeweler for cleaning on occasion. You’ll find that a little care goes a long way to keeping your rings shiny and beautiful for generations!

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