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Gemstone necklaces & pendants

Caring for Gemstone Necklaces

Once you’ve found gemstone necklaces you love, you want to keep them looking their best. Keeping your necklaces clean is the best way to maintain the beautiful shimmer of your favorite gemstone. Unlike necklaces that include only metal, necklaces with a gemstone in them will need to be cleaned in a particular manner, depending on the type of gemstone, to ensure their longevity. Most gemstones used in necklaces are organic in nature and consequently are soft and porous. This type of gemstone will tend to absorb chemical solutions and ammonia, so special care must be taken to clean it. Here are a few tips for proper care and cleaning of gemstone necklaces:

Pearl Necklaces

A pearl is an especially delicate gemstone that should be treated with gentle care. Pearl necklaces should be washed in water to which had been added a mild liquid soap. This will help cleanse and protect the gemstone. Do not use harsh detergents to clean pearl necklaces, as this can damage the pearl. Dry necklaces with this type of gemstone gently with a soft towel.

Crystal Gemstone Necklaces

Necklaces with a crystal gemstone can be cleaned as mentioned above, using mild soapy water. Because crystals are typically harder and more resilient than pearls, they can generally be soaked for a few hours if necessary to clean them thoroughly.

Necklaces with Other Gemstones

Gemstones such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, or malachite are very porous rocks that tend to absorb chemical solutions and ammonia. Therefore, when cleaning necklaces with these gemstone settings, avoid using soap and water. Instead, simply wipe your gemstone necklace down with a soft, damp cloth.

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