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Gas dryers

Gas Dryers

A gas dryer is a fantastic investment for a home, as it provides faster drying time when compared to an electric dryer and typically uses less energy overall. Whether you’re looking for a large-capacity gas dryer or a model that can handle even more frequent loads, Sam's Club® carries a wide array of options to help meet your particular laundry needs.

How much space do you have to work with?

Before you make a purchase for your gas dryer, break out the measuring tape and see what sort of physical constraints you are working with. This is especially important if you are considering a high-capacity dryer with the ability to handle larger loads because high-capacity dryers are larger. Be sure to include the proper space for your vent, as well as any laundry accessories you might have.

The inside space of the drum should also be considered. A small household generally needs about 3.5 to 4 cu. ft. of space, while a larger one might require 8 cu. ft. or more. Generally speaking, if you already have your washing machine, or know the one you want, pick a dryer that has twice the capacity of the washer in terms of cubic feet as it takes twice as much space to fully dry clothes as it does to wash them due to the need for air to move freely.

Do you want to have a steam option?

Many of the high-end gas dryers have a steam option. These gas steam dryers have a mode where steam is introduced to the clothes, the load is tumbled and then dried again to help reduce and remove wrinkles.

What other features do you want?

Whether you want an LG gas dryer or a gas steam dryer, a moisture sensor that turns off the unit when clothes are dry is something that many people look for. This is an improvement over traditional thermostats and in the long run offers economical savings. Similarly, an auto-dry feature that doesn’t rely on timed settings to dry clothes can help get laundry done quickly and efficiently. Also, either a basic end-of-cycle signal or one that plays a snappy set of notes can alert you when laundry is done so that it doesn’t sit in the unit longer than it needs to.

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