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Garage & shop accessories

Garage & Shop Accessories

Get all the tools, supplies and accessories that you need to run your garage in one place. Sam’s Club® is home to a wide selection of auto garage accessories, designed for personal or professional use. You’ll find everything from garage storage solutions to garage tools.

Garage Storage

Garage cabinets are a must-have for staying organized. They provide a handy place to store small tools and cleaning supplies. For even larger items, consider getting some garage shelving. You’ll find a variety of models in different sizes and designs. Check the shelf rating to ensure it is strong enough to support your items. Heavy-duty shelves are typically made of metal, while shelves made of pine or plywood work best with average loads.

When choosing garage storage, always take into consideration the space you’re working with. Some shelves are built for a flush-wall installation while others require a wall mount. Overhead garage storage (best used for lightweight garage packages) provides a convenient option for decluttering a room without taking up too much valuable space.

Also consider the design. Garage shelves may come with a pegboard or slotwall storage system, which affects the type of garage accessories and tools that they can be used with. And if you’re constantly moving items around, a rolling garage storage system like a cart may be a smart choice.

Garage Flooring and Stools

Protect your floors from scuff marks while preventing slips with the right type of garage flooring. At Sam’s Club, you’ll find a wide assortment of choices, including interlocking garage tiles, floor mats and rubber garage flooring. Sam’s Club also offers a wide selection of useful furniture that can help improve your comfort around the work place, including stools, stools with casters and stools that come with backrests.

Garage Tools and Cleaning Supplies

Sam’s Club offers a wide range of garage tools, supplies and cleaning auto accessories that can help boost productivity. You’ll find floor jacks, electric wheel chargers, work gloves and halogen lighting. Stock up on heavy-duty trash bags to deal with your garbage or invest in a high-performance wet-dry vacuum to handle spills. Whatever you need to get your garage up and running, Sam’s Club can help.

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