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What makes futon sleeper sofas so popular?

Futons are space savers. They are space-efficient pieces of furniture and can make any room appear larger. They provide an extra bedding source for you or your visitors while still providing the option of a couch when not being used for sleeping.

Convertible sofas are highly popular with consumers because of their versatility and variety of styles offered. The dual-use possibility of sofa sleeper futons makes them a hot item. Consider the following information to help you with your futon purchase.

Sleeper sofa futons are affordable. After realizing how comfortable they can be, many people decide to purchase them as beds for their home.

What are the pieces of a futon sofa bed?

Futons come in two pieces - mattress and frame. The mattress itself has evolved over the years. At present, many reputable bedding manufacturers produce sleeper sofas, so you can find the mattresses in a variety of comfort levels - from firm to ultra plush. Futon mattresses are filled with comfortable materials such as wool, cotton, polyester, foam, latex, and some have springs like traditional mattresses. A sleeper sofa futon’s mattress can come in different dimensions and varying thickness levels to appeal to the consumer’s desires.

Futon frames are sturdily built consisting of a combination of wood and/or metal. Connecting levers make it possible for the futon to form into a desired sofa or bed-like position.

Is there just one style of futon bed?

Convertible sofas are almost as varied as sofas or love seats. There are many styles for you to choose from. Some futons have no arm rests; some are made to model the look of love seats; a number of futons are wider making them almost indistinguishable from traditional sofas; and, some models are built for one sleeper and take on the shape of comfortable recliner chairs.

Futon Buying Tips

  • Don’t underestimate the comfort level of sleeper sofa futons. They have evolved immensely from their earlier days. Many people opt to purchase a futon for their primary bed.
  • Sleeper sofa futons can look great in any room of the house due to their ability to transform into a sofa or chair. A number of models are so well crafted that it is virtually impossible to notice with the naked eye that it is a convertible sofa.
  • Futons can be complemented with futon covers. Futons look great bare, but many consumers choose to purchase colorful covers to place over the top of the mattress to better fit their room’s décor.
  • Purchase a futon group – available with sofas, love seats, and chairs. Many people decide to fill their house with convertible sofa items to create a uniform look and the ability to have more bedding options.

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