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Full mattresses

Full Mattresses

There are a lot of full-size mattresses available with features like pillow tops and extra layers. To find just the right one for you, Sam's Club® offers a wide selection of mattresses that you can browse with our intuitive search function.

Mattress Size

The standard dimensions of a full-size mattress are approximately 54 inches wide by 74 inches long, also known as a double bed, which does not vary. But mattresses do vary in terms of depth. In the past, the standard depth of a full mattress was around 10 inches. Today, that number can go up to 20 inches. These extra-thick mattresses do require special sheets and mattress pads, so be sure you know what size you are getting.

Mattress Type

Full-size mattresses come in many styles. From traditional innerspring coil mattresses and memory foam to latex and all-natural options. Innerspring coil mattresses have been around the longest and continue to provide comfortable support at an affordable cost. Memory foam offers support without causing pressure points and can help keep you cooler due to its increased airflow. Full-size bed mattresses made of natural latex are gaining in popularity due to their breathability and gentle support.

Sam's Club offers selections from many reputable brands of furniture. One of the most recognized brands in the mattress industry is Serta, and we offer other products with exceptional quality and warranties.

Other Options

Regardless of what your full mattress is made of, the cushioning on top can make or break a good night's sleep. A pillow top refers to a super soft layer sewn on top of a firm mattress. It looks like an extra layer. A Euro pillow top has the extra layer but is sewn on to look like one cohesive piece. These options provide a luxurious sleeping surface.

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