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For the body

For the Body

When it comes to choosing the items you need for the body, Sam's Club® carries the necessities you're looking for. From incontinence products to medical, nutritional and personal health solutions, you'll find them all at affordable prices.

Incontinence Solutions

Incontinence issues don't have to keep you from the activities you enjoy. Choose from a variety of disposable underwear. Incontinence underwear is available for men and women. It provides a fit that is similar to traditional undergarments. You won't have to worry about others noticing what you have on with incontinence underwear, so you can focus on living life to the fullest. There are also pads for adults and children.

Personal Health Solutions

Sam's Club carries complete lines of personal health solutions for everyday use. From bath and shower needs to disposable wipes and washcloths, you'll have everything you need to feel fresh and clean each day. You'll find all the feminine hygiene products along with sanitizers. There are also compression socks in different pressure levels to help alleviate swelling in the legs and improve circulation.

Nutritional Solutions

There are a variety of nutritional solutions that help you maintain optimal health and give your body what it needs to perform. Nutritional drinks are a great option for keeping in the refrigerator for enjoying in-between meals or even as replacements when you're too busy to eat. Vitamins and supplements help you improve your overall intake of vital nutrients.