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Folding & stackable furniture

Folding and Stackable Furniture

Folding and stackable furniture is extremely versatile. Sam's Club® carries a variety of folding and stackable tables and chairs from brands like Flash Furniture and Alera that fit within any budget.

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs come in simple styles and lightweight designs that let you set up seating areas quickly. Padded folding chairs improve comfort during longer sitting periods, yet still remain lightweight for easy movement. Standard folding chairs support between 300 and 500 pounds. Commercial grade and heavy-duty folding chairs support up to 1,000 pounds. When not in use, simply fold them up for storage, or use a chair cart for carrying them to a storage location.

Stacking Chairs

Stacking chairs provide a traditional seating option that matches nearly any decor. These chairs have a professional look and come in styles ranging from contemporary to those with simple black upholstery. Stacking chairs with padded seats and backs keep your attendees comfortable, even during long meetings and receptions. When putting them away, simply stack the chairs and use up vertical space.

Folding Tables

Folding tables are an ideal solution for hosting banquets and meetings. Use round tables for creating intimate seating areas, or use 8-foot models for as many guests or items as possible. Folding tables with wood or laminate tops provide a professional appearance that matches the decor in most offices. Commercial-grade polyethylene plastic tables are lightweight and resist stains, ensuring an option that looks great, even after repeated use. Folding tables take up little space along walls for storage, making sure you have plenty of room for keeping other materials in the same areas.

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