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Foam & combo boards

Foam Poster Boards for Work or Play

Quality foam presentation boards, combo presentation boards or dry-erase boards are perfect for inter office brainstorming sessions where the best approach is to throw ideas up on a board quickly for all to see, and add, erase or take down ideas as needed. They can also be ideal for presenting information for a school project and just for arts and crafts at home.

Whatever your presentation needs happen to be when it comes to foam boards, dry-erase boards and combo boards, Sam’s Club is ready to help. We’ve got affordable, attractive, full-size combo boards that feature a dry-erase surface on one side and a cork surface on the other, with plenty of room for markers and tacks and an attractive, sturdy frame. You’ll also find durable foam boards that you can cut down to your specifications to make signs or models, and fully mountable foam boards to give you the benefits of cork boards without some of the disadvantages, such as fading and crumbling.

So if you’re ready to be fully prepared for your next inter office presentation, or you’re looking for a way to make sure the whole office has daily access to information they need, pick up some foam presentation boards, dry-erase boards or combo boards from Sam’s Club now, and have the materials to provide clear, easy presentations for your office in the weeks ahead.

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