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Samples & accessories

Samples & Accessories

Before tackling your next home improvement project, be sure to get all the right flooring accessories you'll need to install your new laminate flooring.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors are a smart and price-conscious alternative to wood flooring. It's often waterproof, which means spills and moist spots, which are likely to happen in the kitchen or bathroom, won't damage the floor. While it's not authentic wood, some laminate has the appearance of a natural wood floor, which means you can enjoy the quality style and look without the price or upkeep.

What is Underlayment?

When installing laminate flooring, it's important to invest in a quality floor underlayment. This underlay for laminate flooring acts as a base for the laminate flooring and not only helps to protect the laminate but also affects how the flooring feels underfoot when completed. With a concrete slab underneath, you'll want to opt for a sturdy underlayment that does not allow water to seep through. This is because concrete can absorb water, allowing it to seep up to the flooring. Without the proper underlayment to prevent this, the moisture could cause the flooring adhesives to loosen or even cause mold and mildew.

Choosing the Right Underlayment

In the realm of underlayment, there is a term called R value, which refers to the thickness of the product. Underlayment with a higher R value will offer more insulation, meaning your feet won't hit a cold floor on winter mornings. You'll also find laminate underlay that helps reduce noise. This is ideal for bedrooms and offices, where peace and quiet is appreciated. Numerous types of underlayment are made of foam, and they can vary in thickness and quality. Other types of underlayment are made with cork, which offers natural antimicrobial benefits.

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