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Floor mats

Floor Mats

Floor mats capture dirt and debris that could be tracked throughout a home or business. Sam's Club® carries mats that are ideal for entryways, cooking areas and shop entrances to keep your walkways clean and safe.

Entrance Mats

Entrance mats protect the flooring in an entryway from dirt, mud and other debris. Entrance mats come in a variety of designs, such as those by Apache Mills that feature their a texture that captures dirt and wetness before it's tracked throughout your facility. This helps the rest of your floor remain cleaner while also preventing slips and falls.

Polypropylene or rubber mats often feature an abrasive surface that removes mud and dirt off of footwear, making them a good choice for placing right outside an entryway. You could pair them with an indoor entrance mat to trap most of the debris before visitors even step onto your floors. Consider floor mats from lines like Guardian that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use in areas where rain or snow blows into the doorways.

Grease-Proof Floor Mats

Areas in front of fryers and sinks can become slippery and hazardous. Grease-proof floor mats from Member's Mark Commercial and other brands feature drainage holes that make sure slippery substances don't collect on the surface. These safety mats are thick and provide additional padding that reduces fatigue for those standing in the same place for long periods. Grease-proof mats don't soak up water or other liquids and require only a quick spray from a hose for cleaning whenever necessary.

Providing a clean, safe floor is simple and affordable with the options available at Sam's Club.

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