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It's always smart to keep a reliable flashlight on hand, whether you're going camping, fishing or simply staying prepared at home. If the electricity goes out, having a flashlight handy can help you get around your house in an emergency. Flashlights also help to light your path outside when camping or fishing in the evening.

Types of Flashlights

There are numerous types of flashlights available at Sam's Club®, including various styles, bulbs and levels of brightness. The LED flashlight selection includes popular brands like Dorcy. LED bulbs are known to last longer, so you won't have to change them as frequently. LED flashlights are also great for job sites, or anywhere they're used daily.

Numerous styles of flashlights are available as well, from clamp lights to traditional handheld flashlights. You'll also find headlights that are hands-free, so you can get to work while seeing what you're doing.

Choosing a Flashlight

If you're simply wanting to keep a few flashlights on hand at home or in the car, opt for a simple flashlight set that can be used in a variety of settings. Keep one in the car and place the other two in various spots in the house, so they can be easily accessed when you need one the most.

For the job site, a headlight might be ideal. These portable flashlights attach to the head so that you can light your path and still have both hands free. A clamp light is another valuable tool for any job. You simply clamp the light to any viable surface, such as the hood of your car or top of your work station to illuminate what you're working on. These are also great for camping, as you can clamp the light onto a tent or picnic table to illuminate your camp site.

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