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Fishing & pontoon boats

Recreational Boats

Fishing boats, pontoon boats or other small boats are small, affordable and fun, especially when you buy them through Sam’s Club. If you’re not familiar with pontoon boats, they are known as party boats that use pontoons, or long, buoyant tubes, for floatation. Pontoon boats from Sam’s Club feature cushioned seats, insulated drink holders and plenty of storage space so you can stay out on the water all day if you choose to. These boats are great for up close fishing or for simply having an experience of communing with nature as you glide along the water. These open air boats give you just about as much freedom on the water as you can get unless you’re actually swimming in it.

Through Sam’s Club, you’ll find quality brands of Pontoon boat like the Skagit, Cimarron, Tioga, Colorado and Kenai. If you’re looking for a new water hobby or you’ve just been waiting for the right moment to buy a pontoon boat, look over the boats you can order from Sam’s Club today.

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