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First aid

First Aid Supplies for Schools & Daycare

Having the proper first aid supplies on hand is something you have to plan ahead for. By the time an accident has happened, it’s already too late to go buy bandages, gauze or medicated wipes. There are certain things that everyone should have on hand at all times in case of an emergency. Luckily, Sam’s Club stocks everything you need to be prepared for anything that may come your way.

Any home with kids is likely to have a decent supply of adhesive bandages on hand and maybe some ice packs; but what if your child gets into something more serious? Hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, antibiotic wipes, cooling gel for burns . . . the list goes on. Buy these items separately or pick up a convenient first aid kit that works great at home or on the road. You’ll be getting such a great deal with the low prices at Sam’s Club that you will be able to get a kit for your home, car, RV and camping bin.

Sam’s Club also has emergency kits that are a must-have in any home or workplace. Emergency and disaster kits contain first aid supplies as well as other handy things that you’ll need if there is a disaster in your area. From hurricanes and tornadoes to routine power outages, a good emergency kit includes light sticks, emergency drinking water, hand warmers, flashlights, survival blankets and more. Make sure you buy a kit with enough supplies for the number of people in the home or office. Sam’s Club carries small kits for just one person all the way up to kits for an office of 100 people.

You know how important it is to always be prepared. Stock up on first aid and emergency supplies today. You’ll find great deals on everything you need at Sam’s Club.

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