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File folders

File Folders

File folders keep important information protected, and make it easy to store multiple documents in a filing cabinet. From expanding file folders to legal-size options, Sam's Club® carries a variety of folders that help you organize and store records.

File Folder Size

The first step in choosing the right file folder is determining the size that works best for your business. Standard file folders are 9.5-inches tall, and fit most filing cabinets and systems. Standard folders feature tabs at either end or in the middle that let you label each one clearly.

Guide height folders measure 10-inches in height, providing a simple way of separating different sections within a file system. Consider interior file folders for use inside hanging files. These folders come in manila and bright hues, helping you organize information by color within each section.

Hanging File Folders

Hanging file folders from lines like Pendaflex are an ideal solution for homes and offices with filing cabinets. These folders feature poly tabs that let you slide labels inside for added protection against damage. Hanging file folders work in all types of filing cabinets and many feature expandable bottoms for keeping multiple folders within each one. Look for reinforced hanging folders that expand 2-inches or more and make sure large files remain together in one location.

File Tab Guides

File tab guides are made from durable materials that help you separate files. Alphabetical file guides let you store client information by name for quicker access. Use blank tab guides and create a filing system that works for your home or office organizational needs. File tab guides also come in different colors that add an additional method for separating specific file types, even when storing them all in the same filing cabinet or location.