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There are numerous types of fans for different applications. From installed ceiling fans, which work well on newly built houses or in remodeled rooms, to floor and pedestal models that can easily be moved around, Sam’s Club® has plenty to offer.

Types of Fans

Ceiling fans are an efficient way to cool the home. There are numerous styles to choose from, from contemporary to traditional. Many feature five to six blades and can be set to different speeds. You can also find outdoor ceiling fans that work well on a porch.

Floor fans work great for small spaces, and since they can easily be moved around, they're extremely versatile.

Pedestal fans work similarly to floor fans but are mounted on a pole so that the fan sits higher. This helps with cooling larger areas, such as whole rooms or back porches. Pedestal fans are not fixed like most floor fans and can therefore oscillate to provide a breeze to everyone in the room.

Tower fans offer a sleeker, more streamlined appearance. They are slim in design and output a strong current to quickly cool a room. Oftentimes, tower fans come with a remote control so that the user can change the settings without getting up and approaching the fan itself. Some models also come with a convenient auto-shut off feature so the fan can be set to go off at a specified time.

Choosing a Fan

Are you wanting to cool an outdoor space, such as a back porch or garage workshop? Does your indoor office space get stuffy and require air circulation? Does your living room lack a ceiling fan, causing the air to be stale when guests are over? Take these thoughts into consideration when determining which fan to purchase. Sam’s Club has a variety of ceiling, floor, tower and pedestal fans for sale, so you can enjoy the right air temperature and quality.