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Espresso machines

Espresso Machines

Espresso is a treat for coffee lovers around the world. You can certainly buy it in various forms from your favorite coffee shop, but it will taste even better when you make it at home with your own automatic espresso machine. At Sam's Club®, we have a variety of small appliances like these coffee makers, designed to make your life simpler.

Espresso and More

If you like a variety of coffee drinks, look for a combination espresso cappuccino maker. Some models allow you the option to steam and froth your own milk to top your favorite drinks.

Brewing Options

When selecting your automatic coffee machine, keep in mind the way it works and how it fits your needs and into your daily routine. If you typically only need one cup at a time, a small pump espresso machine could work well for you. This gives you some manual control over your beverage. A fully electric espresso maker offers convenience and speed, which are particularly helpful for businesses and restaurants that may need to serve several guests in succession.

Pressure Makes the Brew

The amount of pressure used to force water through the specially ground beans determines the strength and quality of the coffee. This pressure is measured in bars. For example, the water in an automatic espresso machine using nine bars is subjected to nine times the standard atmospheric pressure. This allows the hot water to rapidly pick up flavor from the tightly packed ground coffee. Higher pressure means faster brewing and more flavor.

Espresso Maker Brands

When looking for the top espresso machines available, look for small appliance brands like Barista, De'Longhi, Aroma and others. Shopping online at Sam's Club allows you to find just the right model to meet your brewing needs. We have competitive members-only pricing and you can easily compare the important features of all of our available coffee makers.

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