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Electric Erasers, Pencil Erasers & More

Why do you need erasers? If you work at a school, it’s important to have lots of erasers on hand for students working on written assignments. If your job requires sketching or drafting, for example you are an artist or architect; erasers are invaluable tools of the trade. And even if you work in a typical office, it never hurts to have a box of erasers on hand, just in case. There’s nothing more frustrating than needing an eraser and not having one on hand.

With Sam’s Club, you can order erasers that cost just pennies, so whether you need a large stock of erasers, or just want to have a few on hand without making a dent in your home or office budget, we can accommodate you. Sam’s Club has the classic pink rubber erasers as well as white erasers. You’ll find magic erasers that easily remove unwanted pencil marks without tearing or otherwise damaging paper, and without leaving unsightly smudge marks all over your work. You’ll also find pen style clic erasers, which are essentially pen-shaped erasers, if you don’t like or have trouble using the classic block eraser. These erasers are Earth-safe and couldn’t be easier to use.

Remember, when you sketch or write in pencil and make a mistake, you don’t have to choose between starting over, crossing out, or leaving unsightly smudges on the page. Order affordable, reliable erasers from Sam’s Club today, and be prepared to fix those minor errors without a trace from now on.

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