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Emerald cut diamond rings

Loose Emerald Cut Diamonds

Specifically, the emerald cut diamond is rectangular with cut corners. These diamonds are praised for their simplicity and known for their sophisticated, graceful look that many people who wear diamonds find appealing. If you know you want an emerald cut diamond, you can order one through Sam’s Club and have it mounted in a variety of settings that you will have to choose from. However, you can also buy loose emerald cut diamonds if that is your preference. Either way, you will find that Sam’s Club provides you with a high quality, IGI appraised diamond that you can be proud to showcase in any setting, at a price that you may find is much more reasonable than any offer you could hope to get by visiting traditional jewelry stores.

Sam’s Club offers loose, emerald cut diamonds in a variety of sizes, so if you feel that the emerald cut is the shape you want for your diamond, take the time to look through the catalog and find the one that’s right for you or your loved one. Remember that stock may be limited, so the faster you can act when it comes to buying one of these classic, graceful diamond cuts, the better.

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