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Electronic containment

Invisible Fence Usage

Electronic containment devices allow you to give your pet the illusion of unlimited freedom, while still controlling the boundaries of the area where your dog can roam. It is based on a simple principle; that presentation of a light negative stimulus can discourage unwanted behavior without doing any lasting harm to the subject, in this case, your dog. To keep your dog confined without actually putting up fences, simply purchase the appropriate collar that is attuned to your electronic fence. As your pet approaches the boundary, light shocks discourage him or her from proceeding further. Before long, your pet should instinctively know how far he or she can go without getting any shocks at all. Sam’s Club contains all the items you need to provide an electronic boundary for your pet, as well as other training items like a sonic pet mat that you can put on furniture that you don’t want your pet to touch. As soon as your dog touches the taboo item, a light shock is delivered, and the dog quickly learns that that item is off limits.

Protect your possessions and your pet by teaching him or her where they should and should not go. Give yourself the freedom to let your pet run free with electronic containment options from Sam’s Club today.

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